Structured Ply Boat Plan Conversion in NO Structure GRP Boat

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by mustafaumu sarac, Jul 2, 2018.

  1. mustafaumu sarac
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    mustafaumu sarac Senior Member

    I have plywood Around in ten boat design with lots of 6mm ply structures.

    Wanna converse it to GRP JACKET without no structure or plywood.

    What is the thickness of GRP 3 meters boat hull in middle of atlantic storm ?

    Boat Strenght book suggest two thickness for scantling , small boats 3mm , bigger boats 7.5 mm.

    How thick I might go ? polyester and e glass rowing ?
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  2. AnthonyW
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    AnthonyW Senior Member

    Probably the same thickness as before the storm.... :).

    I think you should add ferro cement :rolleyes: on top of the GRP as I am not sure the last...unusual.... thread you started has finished kicking. I think it is still twitching. Can that at least die a dignified death before you start another and then abandon it?
  3. SamSam
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    The Juggalos and I want to see the magnet boat.

  4. fallguy
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    Noone can answer this for you as there is not enough detail on the boat you wish to use as a mould.

    Full glass boats such as these also require flotation as they will also sink if not properly built. Safety is getting glossed over by you too easily.

    Most small boats are not capable of safe ocean crossings Mustafa. Not sure if that is a reference or intent since you have never really discussed your wishes for the craft or what you intend to do with it.

    If you love boats, build a small dinghy or something easy first. I once built a trailer for a 10' skiff from an old section of aluminum ladder and a piece of pipe. It could be walked to the water by hand and was assembled as needed. Bike tires for wheels.

    There are a few two sheet plywood boat plans out there. Maybe a one sheeter as well.

    If you start by trying to make a mould from an existing boat; your likelihood of failure is very, very high.

    The transom must be much, much thicker than 7-8mm if you are gonna ?hang ob.

    Start small if you are serious.
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