ABS 2019 Hull Construction - h(vertical distance) for longitudinal frame.

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    I am a naval architecture student and I had a doubt about this part of the ABS, the picture shows the master section of my boat, has a longitudinal bulkhead. My question is if I am correctly taking the value of h (vertical distance of water pressure according to the ABS 2019) for the calculation of all my bottom longitudinals, My opinion is that the third longitudinal frame is supported by the longitudinal bulkhead and h is reduced. NOTE: my structure is longitudinal, it has longitudinal frames.

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    Just with a very quick reading of your thread I am inclined to think that you are using the formula for frames in the bottom longitudinals.
    In general, the height "h" that you are considering may be correct, but when it comes to a deep tank you must consider the height of the owerflow, as indicated by the standard.
    Although your structure is longitudinal, it should have web frames from time to time. That will define the unsupported length (l) of your longitudinals.
    You should match the longitudinal bulkhead with some of the longitudinal reinforcements on the bottom and deck. Before starting to calculate, you should correctly design the structure, the position of its elements and the connections between them.
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