Bogging chines and corematt function ?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Vendy, Jan 16, 2023.

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    Hi guys ,
    Got a quick question here

    1 . what are the functions of corematt really ? For stiffness or to thickned the laminate ?
    2 . I worked through 2 different companies.
    One of them bogged the chines after tie layer to make it stronger they said
    The other one didnt bog the chines . As the bog itself is the weak part . Totally confused here . Fyi both boats are 6 meters.
    3 . Whats the difference between soric and corematt ? Thickness difference ?

    Thanks heapss
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  3. Vendy
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    Hi .thanks for answering

    just wondering . When i worked in the infusion . They didnt use any of corematt. Is corematt just for hand lay up ?

  4. ondarvr
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    The choice of adding bog to a radius or contour line like a strake may be done for a couple of reasons, the consistency of the bog may also be different.

    Frequently it is done to speed production, it takes time to laminate into a strake or radius, so you fill it up and glass over it. Other times, like mentioned, the radius or contour line is small and the fabric won't follow it easily, so to eliminate air or bridging you sweep some into it.

    What the bog is made from and how much is used can determine how successful it will be. Some are weak and brittle, others are far less so.
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