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    In a previous post I decided to purchase the plans to the AQ20. I have reviewed the plans over the last few month and I need some input on a few questions I have. The plan describes the boat as tack and tape style construction, the designer uses a brad gun to fasten the wood parts together then applies fiberglass and resin to permanently fix the parts. Further all parts are laminated with 6oz. cloth and resin.
    Beginning with the hull, the 1/2" side panels (upper and lower) are cut out and laminated both sides, then assembled into a complete hulls side with a 2*2 to space the upper section out from the lower and a rub rail and gunwale applied to the exterior of the hull with tape and resin covering. The bow and stern panels are laminated from 3 plies and cut to shape again covered with cloth and resin. The sides of the hull are erected upside down, bow and stern panels installed and 2*4 or 6 cross beams installed to support the bottom and the cabin floor. Two layers of plywood form the bottom of the hull (all plywood is specified a 1/2" all glass 6 oz.). The designer specifies a minimum of two layers to cover the bottom with an additional layer of tape along the edges. On the inside of the hull the cabin floor is installed and glassed and taped to form a watertight seal.
    I intend to build the boat true to the design, I just have a few questions:
    1. How would you suggest I laminate the 2 plies of the bottom together?
    2. The plans specify a minimum of 2 layers of cloth, what benefits would additional layers of cloth provide?
    3. The sealed compartments between the cabin floor and hull bottom will be sealed with epoxy. I will be constructing the boat during the summer, won't I have condensation within these compartments when the weather cools? Should these compartments be ventilated during the winter?
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