Can I edit my own posts?

If you have registered and posted a message while logged in under your username, you will be able to edit and delete your posts as necessary, with the following limitations:

Your ability to edit your posts is time-limited to 7 days. After 7 days, you will not be able to edit or delete a post. The idea is that if you notice a typo or mistake, you are free to edit your post to correct it as you see fit. However, after a thread has started or gone in a specific direction, we don't want anyone to dramatically alter an early post in the thread making later posts seem out of context which would be unfair to later posters.

Because of abuse by some spammers, the delete button only appears after a member has 5 posts on the public forums.

Also you cannot delete the first post in a thread.

To edit your posts, click the Edit button by the post you want to edit.

If you make modifications after 1 day but no longer than 7 days after the post was initially created, a note will appear that the post has been edited, which notifies other users that you have altered your post.