WOLF 14 Concept Model Rig
Doug Lord

Doug Lord: WOLF 14 Concept Model Rig

WOLF is designed to be an extremely comfortable, easy to sail foiler that can take off in a 5-6mph wind. The boat is 14.8'LOA and 16' wide using a unique folding system that makes trailering easy. WOLF uses the Fire Arrow Foil System pioneered on the Fire Arrow Test Model with the basic system now used on Maserati, Gitana 17, Banque Populaire and Macif! WOLF may be the smallest fullsize boat to use the System -if I can get her built in time. WOLF also uses Two-Stage Planing Amas for the first time on any fullsize trimaran. The boat features two ultra lightweight sliding seats that allow the crew to move 1.75' outboard very quickly. The boat is a singlehander for performance sailing but can be sailed with a crew in each seat for fun daysailing.

Posted by: Doug Lord - website: https://www.sailwolffoiler.com/wolf/

Doug Lord, Aug 7, 2018