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11 May 2005


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  1. SailDesign
    I'm tempted to ask "Why?" As in "What is the advantage over a conventional proa or catamaran?" Especially at dinner-time at sea. :)
  2. socalspearit
    @Darkzillicon I had no where else to paint it...! Luckily design of house is such that I could close certain doors and run the big attic fan in such a way that we could keep positive pressure...
  3. SailDesign
    @plr - she doesn't really have a name yet. Still a lot to do. :)
  4. plr
    Fair lady. What vessel is this?
  5. plr
    Wow good job on this. Is this one single sldprt? or assembly?
  6. SailDesign
    @hashtag_laeuft - this is Rhino 5 and Flamingo nXt. This flavour of Flamingo will not run in Rhino 7, so I translate back to 5 for rendering. The waves are from an image of a Kelvin wake...
  7. hashtag_laeuft
    This really looks great. Which tools do you use for that and how have you created the wave pattern?
  8. SailDesign
    @Paul Scott - <blush> Thanks!
  9. Paul Scott
    @SailDesign Serenity in perfect light & a crisp morning about to turn warm, only a couple spots of dew still on deck. Your presentations (and designs) remind of the Lyon hyper realist painting...
  10. Tanton Yacht Design.
    The one i like best getting on with my age!

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