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  1. SailDesign
    @Paul Scott - <blush> Thanks!
  2. Paul Scott
    @SailDesign Serenity in perfect light & a crisp morning about to turn warm, only a couple spots of dew still on deck. Your presentations (and designs) remind of the Lyon hyper realist painting...
  3. Tanton Yacht Design.
    The one i like best getting on with my age!
  4. SailDesign
    @BruceS - Many thanks, on both counts! Much appreciated.
  5. BruceS
    I admire all your designs. This is simple and elegant ...
  6. Darkzillicon
    You are a crazy man! That stuff is safer when you roll it but I’d want a hazmat suit for dealing with 2 part cyanates. Guessing you had nowhere else to paint it?
  7. socalspearit
    @Darkzillicon Yes. Two part urethane is noxious stuff so during painting full face solvent mask was worn and then I'd open windows and close doors to keep the wife and cat upwind of the boat, and...
  8. Darkzillicon
    Did you paint that in your living room?
  9. waikikin
    @rayman It's the Bareki, I think the design evolved from WW2 tugs but ended up a bit prettier. Belonged to Maritime Services Board, then National Maritime Museum then sold to other use, servicing...
  10. rayman
    Somewhere at home I have the names of all of those people, Caesar Roose's baby sister Mary is the little one in center of the front group with hat tilted back.

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